Demo Trading: Forex Autopilot Systems

The designers of forex robots have built in money management rules to ensure you have a safe trading experience. After downloading and installing the Forex EA, you need to make some settings depending on the amount of capital you want to begin trading with (after demo trading).

One strategy I use is this: I set the Forex Automated System to trade a maximum of 3 orders at a time, because I started trading Live with $500, I changed the lot size from 0.1 ($1 per pip) to 0.01 (10 cents per pip). What i have done effectively is to give the robot about 1,000 point of variation margin to place each trade order safely. Thus allowing my account to grow proportionally without the risk of blowing it due to a lack of margin.

This strategy accelerated my performance and protected me from loss. I therefore would advise anyone to tweak a little bit these settings, taking into consideration the amount of money you are investing, so if you are starting small, maybe with $300, set the lot size at 0.01, and no more that 3 trades at a time; if you are starting with $1,500, then you could set the lot size to 0.05 and no more than 3 trades at a time.

Using a small lot size with a higher number of trades at a time, is also a good way to split your risk and increase the chances of growing your account, because the Forex Autopilot may get it wrong at times (though very very few times).

Try this strategy on your demo and see how it works.